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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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woman reporter on tv: 10 years ago randy slade entered north valley high school th a gun and a bomb. this weekend, the school will try to memorialize those 13 students that were slain at slade's hands. the events will culminate with a candlelight vigil in memory of the north valley high massacre. principal doug givens will read a-- [beeping]
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[beeping continues] [beeping continues] [gunshot] aah! uhh! [gasping] please... please don't do this. don't do this. can you look me in the eye? good-bye, principal givens.
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[door closes] you can't leave me! [beeping] [ring] [beep] what-- [beep] no. [beeping rapidly] no! [explosion] [bell rings] here are jack's standardized test scores. jack tells me you read together every night you're home. we just finished "charlie and the chocolate factory last night." i wish you could work with all of my kids. so he's reading at a fourth-grade level. mm-hmm. as you can see, his scores are hig across the board. but he seems to be holding back in the classroom. why do you think that is? has he ever mentioned a classmate named paul? mm-hmm. paul cain?
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well, pauls being mean to jack for some reason. how long has that been going on? a few weeks. jack's just his latest target. we've moved jack away from paul, and we're documenting everything, of course. well, jack says that things are going very well at school, so the steps you're taking must be working. thank you. let me know if anything changes. can i keep this? absolutely. sure. thank you so much. does anyone remember this picture? hotch and i were there. that's principal doug givens. we had to drag him to safety. high school bombing in boise, right? school shooter and school bomber. a kid named randy slade shot 3 students and then set off an i.e.d. in the cafeteria via cell phone, killing himself and 13 kids total, but not before posting all of his plans online. it was one of those "where were you?" events. my whole campus was glued to the tv. last night, principal givens was killed by a bomb modeled exactly like the old one.
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who kept the school together after the bombing. it's a pretty symbolic target. and this week is the 10th anniversary of the massacre. and today is the first day of a 4-day event to commemorate the bombing at the school. except commemorating it isn't enough for this unsub. no. he wants to relive it.
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don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. reid: "you may leave school, but it never leaves you." andy partridge. reid: perpetrators of school violence are often sophisticated with their weapons. randy slade carried his bomb in his backpack. this guy hid his in givens' clock radio. yeah, and progressive. each one tries to top the body count of the one previous. and they're loners by default, not by choice. they try to join various social groups, but they get shut out. randy slade wasn't a loner at all. the family cooperated fully with us. he was a high-functioning psychopath,
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lots of girlfriends. with an above-average intelligence that made him incredibly resourceful. his explosive of choice was semtex. it's found at demolition sites, but it's held under lock and key. which made us consider the possibility of a partner. never found one. slade was too much of a narcissist to share credit. but he was also an impulsive teen, which is what bothers me about this unsub. his sense of control and the end game that he's working toward. slade's pathology revolved around the big kill. this unsub could have done the same if he'd waited for the candlelight vigil. which means there's no blaze of glory fantasy here. this unsub has more bombs made, and he's savoring the anticipation of his next attack. boise police department. agent hotchner. chief. dave. sorry to meet again under these circumstances. took your advice and shut down the school. was gonna cancel the memorial, too, but some of the alums said they'd go through with it yway. did you get the student files to our technical analyst? good. we'll start with criminal records.
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what'd you find, garcia? a blast from your past, i believe. does the name brandon slade ring a bell? yeah, the bomber's younger brother. sweet kid. he couldn't give us much back then. most 7-year-olds don't. they do, however, grow up to become seniors who attend the same high school. thanks, garcia. i thought the slades we're gonna leave boise. they tried, but the network interviews made them nationwide pariahs. did you question brandon about last nht? he said he was watching pirated movies. his mom backs him up. so does his laptop. we'll need to talk to him. ok. so the unsub has to be tied to the school somehow, right? current student, alumni, family member who lost someone? it could be slade groupie celebrating his hero. he taped nails to the exterior of the bomb, specifically to rip open flesh. that's a sadtic detail of slade's the unsub copied. except he tricked givens into blowing himself up.
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that much self-control. but someone with an ax to grind against the principal would. maybe he's a surrogate for the tormenters in high school he can't punish. who were yours? i don't even remember. you don't even remember? wait, were you one of the mean girls? no. valedictorian, soccer scholarship, co-fed, but still a size zero. i think that you might have been a mean girl. i was actually one of the nice girls, even to guys like you. guys like me? i'll have you know that my social standing increased once i started winning at basketball. oh, yeah, you played basketball? i didn't play. i coached basketball. i broke down the opposing team's shooting strategy. is that why morgan kicked you out of the pool last week? yeah. it took him 3 rounds to realize i was hustling him. huh. well, it looks like we're not the only ones interested in brandon. it's gonna make it a lot harder for us to talk our way in. unless we use it to our advantage.
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i'm ssa david rossi of the fbi. that's r-o-s-s-i. so if anyone has any questions, you're free to ask them now. woman: does this have anything to do with brandon slade? mrs. slade? i'm special agent emily prentiss with the fbi. this is-- go through my lawyer. martha, we can do that. we'll just have to come back later. agent hotchner. what do you want? how are you? to catch the man who killed principal givens. we, then go catch him. but it wasn't my son. let us prove that for you. once we rule him out, we can get these people off your lawn. martha, you can observe. you can stop us and call your lawyer whenever you want. [rossi speaking in background] agent rossi was always very nice to brandon. let him do it. morgan: it's unlikely... dave. all righ feel free to call me if you have any other background questions.
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and what's your name, sir? it's dr. spencer reid. r-e-i-d. you know, there's a sniper right be--ooh! never mind. when did you become a gamer, old man? oh, a while back. after this kid told me how much he loved playing with his big brother. will you sign this for me? first edition. i'm touched. you're a good writer. so are you. i read one of your ap english essays. "the futility of jay gatsby and the green light." where'd u get that? well, i was curious as to, uh, what kind of kid you grew up to be. apparently a smart one. but that didn't stop you from getting beaten up on a regular basis. you know how it is with fans.
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and, uh, principal givens, he couldn't stop that, could he? that must have really ticked you off. listen, i already told the police, ok, i was watching movies on my computer. well, just because you downloaded them doesn't mean you sat here and watched them. you were cool 10 years ago. so were you. when did harry leave? about 5 years ago. he got his fresh start, and i got the underwater mortgage. is that why brandon ended up in north valley? i did my best. but i know my son. he wouldn't have done this. just want to see if you took after your big brother. you know what, dude? i did it, all right? so go ahead, cuff me. actually, de, i don't think
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but tell me the truth. you're happy that principal givens is dead, aren't you? yes, i'm happy. it's what randy wanted. well, randy wanted the whole school dead. [scoff yeah. right. whoa. am i missing somethg here, brandon? no, you got it all figured out. well, did randy have some sort of agenda? did he target specific people inside of the school? everybody knew who he wanted to take out. we didn't. we couldn't find any logic to his actions. so how do you know? huh? did he tell you? did a 17-year-old confide in a 7-year-old? did you find something? he had a list, didn't he? i want my lawyer.
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martha, do you know anything about this? i can have a search warrant in an hour. mom-- no. tear it apart. no--no, mom, please! [rhythmic knock on door] [gasps] louie, oh, my god. [laughs] hey. chelsea. get in here. i thought this was too lame for you. no, are you kidding? i wouldn't miss it. oh. i heard about principal givens when my flight landed. how you holding up? better, now that i'm on the next flight out of here. are you kidding? you can't leave. i already survived one psychopath.
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yeah, but people need you right now. you need to show them that we're not afraid of guys like randy slade. yeah, well, i am afraid of guys like randy slade. and i'm sick of hearing what people want. people who weren't in the cafeteria. people like you. just... please, go. ok? [rhythmic knock on door]
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ah, a classic case of who dunnit? luckily, jay chews trident to help clean and protect his teeth, so he can claim his innocence with a convincing grin. that's it jay, they'll never know. trident. cherish your teeth. yeah, bookshelf is clean. i love dating readers, hate profiling them. "catcher in the rye," "atlas shrugged." these are all titles that a teenage kid would obsess over, but randy made that list when brandon was just a kid. you're right. so, however brandon got his hands on that list,
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hotch! we found it. principal givens is on this list. [cell phone rings] you're on speaker, jj. so we might have another one. might? one of the north valley alumni was killed in her motel room. no bomb or gun this time. looks like he used his bare hands. you got a name? reid: chelsea grant. she's on the list. the unsub crushed chelsea's throat so she couldn't scream, then he pulverized her ribs, sending fragments of bone into her heart. principal givens was high-profile. chelsea wasn't. right now the on thing connecting them is they're both on the kill list. a list that brandon kept secret for 10 years. but he was in custody when this happened. the question is, how did the unsub get the exact same list? we ruled out a partner, but not conclusively. slade made every part of his plan public. it doesn't make sense that he would hide a partner.
6:24 pm
and this weekend is the partner's best chance to claim it. partners of dominant psychopaths are usually submissive, but that doesn't mean that they can't be intelligent or that they're physically weak. this unsub laid low after the bombing and successfully evaded police and fbi. that took cunning and patience, which he's exhibiting now with h current murders. we think he fits the loner profile slade debunked. he grew up inn abusive home, which kept him from forming the normal social bonds in high school. we ierviewed all the outcasts from back then. how did this guy slip through? even outcasts eventually form friendships. but this unsub was the outcast the outcasts rejected. he won't stand out in any capacity, and as a matter of fact, most of his fellow studes probably won't even remember graduating with him. and that invisibility is what made him attractive to slade. this partner wouldn't steal the spotlight. slade turned to the cafeteria because most of the names on his list ate there together during fifth period. so his hatred festered when the names on the list emerged from the cafeteria as media heroes. and now he wants to finish the job that randy started.
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we go to reunions to show who we grew up to be. often that means changing everything about who we were. consciously or not, randy slade revealed clues as to his partner's identity when he detonated his bomb. agent prentiss will be conducting cognitive interviews to see what the survivors might remember. you want us to walk through what happened that day? didn't we do that when we were seniors? yes, but there may be some details that you didn't think were important athe time that could help us now, things that could help us learn about the partner. randy made us all lie face-down. i didn't see anything. none of us did. well, that's not true. jerry did. he's the guy randy made lock the doors. yeah. yeah, i did. the interviews we'rgoing to conduct won't focus on what you saw, but what you felt. you want me to tell you how i felt licking the tile in the cafeteria? thanks, i do that at therapy twice a week. how about how i feel now, seeing my name on a list of people who should be dead?
6:26 pm
a protective detail. like that would have done chelsea any good. she was killed in her hotel room. jerry's not on the list. let him help you. i'm out. ever get volunteered for a job you don't want? so, as you can see from your board there, this kill list is weirdly similar to high school. grp one is like the popular kids-- prom court, football team, dean's list. the heathers, if you will. kids in slade's social circle. what about number two? uh, mm-hmm, that would be the kids from the other side of the tracks, 180-degree difference, kids this close to getting kicked out-- stoners, burnouts, mental cases. chelsea grant is on th list. maybe slade targeted them because they disgusted him? but they didn't threaten slade's sense of superiority. he wouldn't have even cared about them. all right, well, maybe the partner put them on the st. they'd be closer to his social status than slade's. [cell phone ringing] whwould the-- i'm so sorry. why would the unsub list kids that he fit in with? apparently that's how this clique worked.
6:27 pm
garcia, separate out all the kids who got into trouble regularly. then eliminate the names that thpartner put on the list. now, who's left that ca to the memorial? right. whoever made the list wouldn't put their name on it. uh... sir, i think-- i think i've got him. lewis ramsey. fbi. put the drink down. you're coming with us. thanks for doing this. so, i have some crime scene photos from the day if you'd like to take a look. i don't need them. ok. it was 12:50. lunch had just started. it was thursday.
6:28 pm
he came in talking on his cell. did you hear the conversation? he was talking to his mom. but that's not what i noticed first. what did you notice? the gun in his hand. natalie gallo, she was the first. she never even saw it. someone asked him what he was doing and he... boy: what are you doing? turned and shot him in the chest. so, uh...nobody said anything after that. that was when he ordered you to lock the doors, right? jerry, let's go. lock the doors. and then he started playing the game. yeah. randy went table to table. he was ranting. what did he say?
6:29 pm
now, who's brave enough to look god in the eye? how about you, brad? hmm? huh? [gasping] can you look me in the eye? when kids didn't, he shot them. no? [screaming] allison. protect us in our hour... allison, stop praying. [screaming] never mind. he walked up next to me. how about you? we were never close, but... hmm? we were always cool. i don't know what made me think i could do it. but i did. i looked him in the eye. poof. you're not even worth a bullet. he walked to his backpack...
6:30 pm
and he walked right over there... he said...! [explosion] and like that, 10 kids were gone. those reporters always asked me about that. why did he detonate so early? i still don't know. now, let's go back for a second. randy was pointing the gun at you. did you see the cell phone in his hand? yeah. what was on it? i--i don't know. it was the detonator. all i saw was the black casing.


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